Diploma in Natural Health (Nutrition & Diet)

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Interest in good health and nutrition continues to be strong, and a Diploma in Natural Health will enable you to take part in providing guidance for those looking to improve their health through nutrition.

With a Nutrition & Diet Diploma, you will be qualified to counsel others on diet, nutrition, and weight loss strategies, menu planning, and assessing nutritional needs.

Medical conditions and treatments can be impacted by nutrition, and with your skills, you will be able to guide clients into making healthier choices to benefit their health.


Nutrition practitioners with a Nutrition & Diet Diploma are able to help improve the lifestyles of their clients by guiding them toward healthier food choices. They work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, gyms, health clubs, or on their own as private nutritional counsellors. With a Diploma in Natural Health, you too can be part of this dynamic field.

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