Dual Certificate of Completion & Executive Diploma of Bookkeeping

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The Certificate of Completion and Executive Diploma of Bookkeeping is a double diploma course where students can choose which of the two diploma tracks they wish to pursue in their goal of becoming a bookkeeper. Designed by professionals, these Bookkeeping courses will teach students how to prepare financial statements, maintain records, and implement bookkeeping policies.

Students will learn how to establish and maintain cash and accrual accounting systems and how to effectively use technology in the workplace. Executive Diploma students will also receive instruction on technical and management functions. In addition, a third “short course” is available which will provide an introduction to bookkeeping and bookkeeping principles.


Whichever course track is chosen, skilled and knowledgeable bookkeepers are in demand and needed for every business, no matter its size. Graduates at all levels will find good employment prospects in this field.

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