Dual Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Psychology

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The Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychology is a double diploma course where students can choose which of the two diploma tracks they wish to pursue. In both courses, students will learn about the counselling practice overall and how to establish sessions with their clients.

The course will also instruct on counselling skills, including interview techniques and questioning, communication, solving problems, and facilitating solutions. The course will cover counselling approaches, psychology, mental health, welfare practices, and ethics. The Advanced Diploma will also include lessons on applying leadership and management techniques in the office.


The Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychology courses provide graduates with the ability to enter an in-demand field where they can provide information and guidance on a variety of issues. Additionally, graduates can work in the education, life coaching, health care, or social work fields among others.

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