Executive Diploma in Forensics

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The science of forensics is a fascinating field to explore, and with the Executive Diploma in Forensics course, students can learn what it takes to become an integral part of this field. The course will cover such topics as crime scene investigation, evidence examination, and the study of hair, fibres, pollen, and spores.

Students will learn about fingerprinting, DNA profiling, blood spatter, and handwriting analysis. Drug identification, soil examination, glass evidence, tool marks, and ballistics will also be covered, as will the meaning, manner, mechanism, and time of death.


This Executive level Diploma in Forensics will enable graduates to work in their chosen field with a certain level of autonomy and personal responsibility in performing technical and managerial functions. Forensics Diploma holders may find employment at forensics labs, police departments, or with homeland security to name a few.

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