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Vocational Education and Training Courses Online

Vocational education and training courses, also known as VET courses, prepare students to enter the education sector as learning design and assessment professionals. Similar to training design and development, these lessons will help you learn how to create and develop educational tools, deliver training to individuals and groups and support the learning process in a variety of roles and organisations.

Upon completion of your studies, you'll have the tools you need to help Australians chase their professional dreams. You'll be ready to help fortify foundational skills like reading or writing as well as build proficiency in areas specifically tailored to certain fields. With this experience, you can take your first or next step in your educational journey with a teacher assistant or teacher aide role. Or go after mid-level positions such as RTO trainer and assessor, trainer and assessor or teacher. These jobs can pay average weekly salaries of $960-$1,440.

Deliver life-changing lessons to Australians young and old with the help of vocational education and training courses.

Job Pathways

Here are some potential career pathways within vocational education and training. Click on the occupation for information on the course you should enrol in to start your journey.

Sourced from The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service (aapathways.com.au) funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and MySkills.gov.au.

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