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Electronic Engineering Courses Online

Entering the world of electronic engineering gives you a chance to work on innovative projects that can change the way businesses work and everyday Australians live their lives. Want to operate on the forefront of modern technology? These nationally accredited electronic engineering courses can channel your passion into impactful transformation. These qualifications provide students with a core understanding of electronics, networking, software development and programming to design and build the tools, systems and processes of the future.

With electronic engineering courses, you can be at the forefront of progress in the IT industry. This includes training in the Internet of Things, one of today's prevailing tenets of networking technology. Your experience will prepare you for a range of new information technology jobs, including electronics production assistant, IoT engineer and IoT hardware technician. These positions can average weekly salaries from $1,050 and $1,250 depending on exact role and location.

Put yourself in position to work at the forefront of the tech world with nationally accredited electronic engineering courses.

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Electronic Engineering

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ICT40115 Certificate IV in Information Technology Internet of Things Specialisation

A Certificate IV in Information Technology (Internet of Things Specialisation) is suitable for students wanting to be at the cutting edge of IT innovations. "Anything that can be connected, will be connected.” says Forbes Magzine and the “Internet of Things” is the networking of objects like cell...

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