Christmas Gift Guide for Students

11th December 2018

Whether you're buying for somebody else who is studying online or you're putting together a wish list for yourself, the end of the year is a tremendous time to unwrap a little something that can make learning easier and more enjoyable. Here are five gifts for online students that will bring a bit more joy to online learning.


Go green

Studies have shown that plants do everything from improve air quality to keep those in offices happier and improve daily attendance. Not to mention they look nice, too. Add a touch nature to a home study space with an indoor plant and check out the results for yourself. This is an especially epic idea for somebody who's using their green thumbs to dig into an online horticulture course is a link to a page on this website.


Sweet sitting set-up

While setting up a sweet study space is the optimal option for an enriching environment, sometimes you want to get some work done away from your den of learning. Being able to bust out your laptop tablet and use it on a portable lap desk or pad makes working on the bus, crowded cafe bench or outside that much more comfortable.


Handle hardware with care

When you're an online student, your computer or tablet can pretty much become an extension of you. As such, it should be treated with care. Instead of just chucking it in a backpack or briefcase, wrap a protective case around it so it survives the bumps and bruises that come with portability.


Awesome audio

From diving deep into concentration with some classical music or listening to material that will help you ace your assignments and learn more about your industry, having the right audio equipment is key to taking courses online in Australia. Dependable headphones are a trusted ally in the learning journey.


Portable power

While buying a new laptop or other device might be a bit above your pay grade, a new piece of tech can make a load of difference to day-to-day studying. A USB drive is a simple but useful piece of hardware that gives learners access to materials and documents without having to rely on the cloud.


Are you studying online? Do you know somebody taking courses over the internet? Either way, it's time to combine holiday cheer with uni goals. Satisfy those on your nice list with one of these fantastic holiday offerings and spread the joy far and wide this year.

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