Digging into the 2020 AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers List

2nd March 2020

For some, finishing your degree comes with mixed feelings. The achievement of wrapping up years of study and receiving recognition for all your hard work is something to be savoured. But that enjoyment can come with a hint of trepidation regarding what comes next. While some with laser focus know exactly how they plan to embark on their professional life, others might step off the graduation stage or click submit on that final online study assessment without knowing what to do next.

No matter which camp you're in, the AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers 2020 list can help you gain some insight into which companies are hiring, or at least considering, those fresh off their learning journey.

What is the AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers list?

The AFR Top 100 is a joint effort between the Australian Financial Review and GradConnection, a company that helps those who have finished uni look and apply for jobs. Through insights gained by analysing the thousands of graduates and employers registered with GradConnection, the AFR is able to determine some of the best opportunities for grads. The list is ranked by the percentage of engagement between companies and the graduates and students registered with GradConnection.

Who came out on top?

Similar to the 2019 AFR Top 100 Graduate Employers list, the big four consulting companies remain strong options for those looking for post-graduation employment. The top three spots were held by Deloitte, PwC and KPMG, respectively, while EY slotted in at number five. The NSW Government landed at number four.

One reason for this is that consulting agencies have a need for a wide range of talents, which makes them compelling potential employers for so many graduates. Those who take online business courses can be just as desirable as those who take government and public sector courses online or spend time learning in other fields that might at first seem unrelated. The consulting sector is characterised by a race for talent, and it holds no biases in terms of fields of study. If you've got the skills, they're certainly willing to listen.

The banking sector was also well-represented at the pointy end of the list. Westpac Group (sixth), NAB (eighth) and Commonwealth Bank (ninth) all registered in the top 10, music to the ears of those studying finance online and other similar online courses.

Looking for your next move? Whether you've finished up your learning or are approaching the end of your scholastic days, check out the Top 100 list to see who tends to open their doors for graduates. It might just help you land a great role.

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