Further your career with a Diploma of Community Services

20th August 2019

The Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015) is an in-demand qualification with three distinct study streams: Case Management, Social Housing, and Statutory & Forensic Child, Youth & Family Welfare. In this article we’ll introduce you to three rewarding career paths you could realistically pursue after graduating from your studies.


Community Services Case Manager

The Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) (CHC52015) is perfect for students seeking a career as a Community Services Case Manager. In this role you will ensure that vulnerable and marginalised people have ongoing access to medical services, drug and alcohol support, counselling, and other important community services. Career roles include:

  • Domestic Violence Case Worker - co-ordinating support services for women, children and families experiencing (or recovering from) domestic violence.
  • Youth Case Worker - delivering and overseeing support programs to young people in schools and community youth centres.
  • Child Welfare Case Worker - protecting and supporting abused and neglected children.

Housing Officer

Housing Officers help secure affordable housing for individuals and families. They can work for a number of institutions including:

  • Not-for-profit housing providers - creating inclusive communities that encourage a sense of belonging and assisting homeless people transition into a permanent residence.
  • Government social housing programs - administrating residential housing properties, visiting tenants and reporting tenancy and maintenance issues.

Welfare Support Officer

Welfare Support Officers help people who are experiencing emotional, financial, health, social, and housing problems. They connect vulnerable people with welfare and community service programs. Examples include:

  • Veteran Services - helping Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel and their families access pensions, rehabilitation, counselling, and other support services.
  • Student Welfare - providing a safe and confidential contact for students and their families, helping disadvantaged and marginalised students understand and access the available facilities of the school or education institution.
  • Family Support - administering programs that support the skills, knowledge, and confidence of parents and carers.

Career pathways

The health and community services employment sector is in a state of growth, and the demand for roles in welfare, family, and community support roles is predicted to grow over the next five years. Use your Diploma in Community Services as a pathway to higher education, or to fast-track another Diploma in a specialty area to boost your employability. There are loads of possibilities including:


Getting started

Ready for the next step? Request a full course outline from each of our registered course providers. The Diploma of Community Services can be completed within 12 months, and this includes work placement. Don’t forget to ask our course providers for extra information about the practical component, as well as the specialisation areas. Enquire now, and start your training today.

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