How to become a multimedia designer

4th November 2019

Multimedia designers use video, images, animation, text, and sound to create marketing materials or resources for their organisation or clients. It’s a growth occupation and you can expect a starting salary of around $70,000. In this article we'll look at four essential steps to unlocking an exciting career as a multimedia designer.


Step 1 — Study

Your first step to a career in multimedia and digital design is a hands-on qualification that gets you working with all types of media and digital applications. We suggest either the Certificate IV of Digital Media or Diploma of Digital Media as a starting point.

1. Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies (ICT40815)
In this qualification you’ll be working with online learning tools, designing websites, and creating 2D animations. Best of all you’ll walk away with a stack of vendor certificates.

2. Diploma of Digital Media Technologies (ICT50915)
In this comprehensive qualification you’ll be applying the latest web technology trends as you develop mobile applications, build dynamic websites and learn video and sound editing. Graduate with a nationally recognised diploma and start your career in this booming industry.


Step 2 — Design

Next, put all those skills to work and start designing! Now is the time to consider your multimedia niche (instructional design, animation, video, graphic design etc) and get busy. Create a series of projects and prototypes that demonstrate your ingenuity and expertise.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Video — promotional videos, training videos, crowdfunding stories
  • Graphic design — logos, online ads, infographics
  • Animation — digital magazines, training materials, 2D and 3D animations
  • Apps — iOS, Android and web apps
  • Web — responsive design websites, HTML5 animation

Step 3 — Showcase

Now that you have a solid body of work you’ll want to create a portfolio for your best pieces. We recommend building your own website to showcase your accomplishments as well as provide a list of services and contact information.

Multimedia designers are very often freelancers and run their own micro-business, while others like the energy of working within a team of designers at a creative agency. Your website is the showpiece to land you that dream role.


Step 4 — Upskill

Multimedia designers must be versatile. To boost your employability you’ll need to be web savvy and demonstrate your abilities utilising a wide range of software applications. You might consider learning additional skills such as video editing, coding and user experience design.

Finally consider the supporting skills you’ll need in project management, personal productivity, client liaison, and written communication. Because (especially if you’re going to work freelance) you’ll need to know how to pitch an idea, present a quote, and maintain a solid working relationship with other designers as well as your clients.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: A critical part of the multimedia career path is knowing the latest trends in design, software technology, and social media.

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