If you have a passion for photography, undertaking study in this area can turn it into a professional career. Whether you want to work in fashion photography, sports photography, take family portraits or work as a wedding photographer, this industry offers a range of career opportunities. A photography course can give you the skills to work with clients and produce professional photography work. If you’re not sure which qualification would be best for you, here are some of the most popular choices for further study in photography:

Certificate III in Visual Arts

A Certificate III in Visual Arts is an excellent entry-level qualification if you’re hoping to get a start in the photography industry. This course will prepare you for roles in a range of industries from design assistant to photography positions in an art studio. You’ll cover topics such as use of colour, producing digital images, producing prints and using wet darkroom techniques to produce monochrome photographs. The Certificate III in Visual Arts is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their photography skills for work or for their own enjoyment.

Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging

The Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging is a great way to advance your photographic skills so you can be employed in a range of photography roles. You might work as a camera assistant or take on a role as a portrait photographer, photojournalist or wedding photographer. This course looks at subjects including colour theory and design principles, working to a photo brief, taking professional photos, enhancing and manipulating output photo images and lighting techniques.

Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging

If you want to advance your photography skills for work in various roles, a Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging and Photo Imaging may be an excellent pathway for you. This qualification explores colour management techniques and photo imaging trends and will give you the skills to refine digital art images and produce commercial photos for a range of purposes. This course will prepare you for work as a professional photographer and allow you to specialise in areas such as fashion photography or sports photography.

Advanced Diploma of Photography

An Advanced Diploma of Photography can give you the skills you need to take on a range of professional photography careers. Whether you plan to specialise in art photography, commercial work or photojournalism, this course will give the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. The Advanced Diploma of Photography covers advanced photography skills such as using studio lighting and creating efficient post-production workflow.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
Jodie is a freelance writer with a background in communication and journalism. She’s spent almost 20 years working in roles such as Special Projects Writer and Publications Officer.