Australia, known for its wonderful landscapes, sporting culture, and world-class education, is an ideal destination for most international students. However, the cost of living is something you’d want to look at before making a decision.

In the next few minutes, you’ll learn about your major expenses in Australia as an international student and tips and tricks on how to manage them well so that you have the study abroad experience you always dreamt of. Let’s go!

1. Groceries and Meal Planning

So now you’ve got your initial budget right, what next? Should you cook or eat out? Now this is something completely up to you since some of you may not know how to cook, but this also comes with additional costs.

So, what should you do? Ideally, you should learn how to cook because like before this skill is also an investment of your time, preparing you to be an expert in serving your taste buds while also using the healthiest ingredients to nourish your body.

2. Accommodation

A large chunk of your money as an international student goes towards accommodation. Although plenty of off-campus options like shared apartments or homestays could help you save more and grab the best deal there is.

Additionally, living in a amberstudent accommodation not only reduces your expenses but also helps you interact with people from diverse backgrounds which ultimately aids in broadening your perspective since different cultures have different ways of looking at life.

3. Utilities and Internet

Relating to accommodation, electricity, water, and internet are also crucial amenities to keep in mind. You can use these judiciously or also share the internet costs with your neighbour if they’re willing to split the usage and bill.

Moreover, you should use energy-efficient appliances that have a good rating and last longer since you wouldn’t want to pay more just because your geyser passed its warranty and now is consuming more energy than it should be.

4. Tuition Fees

As we all know, Australia is renowned for its quality education, but it comes with some price. You see, tuition fees are gonna make up a huge chunk of your expenses abroad and on some occasions they’re intimidating. And here scholarships can be of great help.

Be it the universities or private organisations, financing your studies is not going to be a problem once you showcase your academic prowess and the right documents. However, we’d advise you to carefully go through their terms and conditions since you wouldn’t want to land in some trouble just at the start of your career.

5. Transportation

Australia being the huge country it is, demands you spend quite a bit of money on travelling. But this can be mitigated by you opting for cost-effective public transportation like trains, buses, metros and so on.

You should keep in mind that whenever you’re visiting places where you need to put up an impression then choose cabs over public transportation. These occasional extra spends should be seen as an investment rather than an expense.

6. Student Discounts

Student discounts are your pocket saviour abroad. You see, most of the spots you’d visit as a student in Australia offer student discounts like restaurants, museums, cinema halls, etc. This is a tool you’d always want to keep handy while stepping out with your friends.

To take advantage of this tool, you should head over online and look for places that offer bill exemptions to students. Also, in some cases where it’s not obvious, you’d want to ask the cashier or waiter upfront since the money you save then could be used for saving up in a student bank account and investing.

7. Part-Time Employment

Australia as a country presents plenty of opportunities for you as a student to work part-time and earn some extra bucks. To find one scout online job portals, local newspapers, LinkedIn, and so on. Moreover, you can also ask your friends at your student housing in Melbourne to know if they’re aware of a suitable opening.

The point here is that you should ideally spend your free time doing something that not only teaches you about the professional world but in doing so helps you get a taste of what financial independence tastes like.

8. Health Insurance

Like all developed nations, healthcare in Australia is quite expensive and not staying vigilant about it can rip you off your hard-earned money. But not all is worrisome, student health insurances offer you an umbrella during these difficult times.

To avail the best student health insurance, make sure to compare all the best options in the market and only then choose because as a student you cannot afford to regret later on knowing that you paid twenty per cent more for a cover just because it was marketed well.

9. Entertainment and Recreation

As a student, studies are your priority, yes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to cut out on fun necessarily. Studies will train your mind but play and entertainment at the right time will treat you for your hard work, rejuvenating you.

Ideally for recreation, you should be going for some sorts of sports because they’ll help you stay on a budget and they also have been proven to reduce your stress levels and increase the secretion of endorphins and adrenaline, famously called the happy hormones.

10. Budgeting Apps

In today’s day and age, you’ve got apps for pretty much everything and apps that help you create and stick to a budget are going to be your best friend as a student who wants to make smart financial decisions while enjoying the best experiences in Australia.

Budgeting apps range from premium ones for the ultra-rich to simple and free ones for students like you. Additionally, we’d suggest you look for an app that provides some information or news on the current financial market and the overall economics of the country, this will help you make well-informed decisions.


So now it seems that Land Down Under is going to give you some of the best memories as a student provided you’re ready to make a wise financial decision by planning, segmenting and saving. Yes, doing these seems difficult at first but stick long enough and you’ll thank yourself later.

Your study abroad experience is going to happen only once in your life so why not make the best out of it by practising some restraint, rewarding yourself with fun activities, and making a lot of new friends all while knowing that your financial discipline is going to reap into a stress-free life down the line.

Written by Ayush
Ayush is a daydreamer with a knack for rationalizing his abstract thoughts into reality. You will find him gazing at the flowers, longing for the raindrops to play music on their soft petals. He likes to enjoy an unhealthy amount of cinema, for he believes that is the healthiest way to live a thousand different lives.