The results are in, and these are Australia’s best jobs

9th September 2018

Want a peek at the best jobs in Australia? Job site Indeed might just have given it to us.

According to Indeed, which claims to have more than 200 million unique visitors a month and is one of the largest sites of its kind in the world, some of the best jobs in Australia come from the education, construction and IT industries.

Indeed released its list of Australia’s best jobs in 2018, and the results were not super surprising considering which jobs looked like they were going to continue to be on the rise in 2018 and beyond.

But there’s another key thing these industries have in common; you can study them online.


How Indeed did it

To discover which jobs were considered the best in the country, Indeed dug through and analysed tens of thousands of Australian postings on their site. They looked at salaries, growth in number of postings and other features to help determine which roles are booming around the country.


How you can get involved

Whether you already find yourself in these industries and just want to pivot or you’re ready to get get off the sidelines and make a real change in your life, taking online courses can be a vital first step in getting in the game.

Knowledge is power, and taking classes online can arm you with the know-how to get your foot in the door, or a handhold on Indeed’s list of the top 30 jobs in the country.

Online education courses are strong foundational tools that could set you up for a future in Indeed’s top Australian job of lead teacher. While these jobs are suited for more senior teachers with leadership skills, the high demand for this position shows the room for growth in the education sector.

Unsurprisingly, industries and positions that fall under the STEM umbrella are hot commodities in the Australian job market. With the ever-increasing importance understanding and harnessing the power of collected data, jobs in information technology are evident throughout Indeed’s list.

The construction industry is another important area on the Indeed in which you can find a foothold through digital study. Online building and construction courses can provide the leadership skills required for popular manager and engineering positions.


The future

While the exact positions on the list might change, the education, construction and IT industries aren’t showing any signs of slowing in the Australian job market. Looking to upskill or make a change? Do so on your schedule with online learning today.

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