What can you do with a Certificate III in Community Services?

14th August 2019

Have you been thinking about the Certificate III in Community Services? It’s an entry level qualification that prepares you for a number of community service support roles in a rapidly growing industry. In this article we’ll be looking at 3 immediate ways you can use a Certificate III in Community Services to enter the workforce.


Personal Care Assistant

Your compassion for the isolated, elderly, and marginalised will be rewarded as a Personal Care Assistant. Your primary role is to support other community service workers, and you may often be relieving a patient’s main carer as they take time out for rest, training, or annual leave. Working one-on-one with clients, you’ll be helping them navigate appointments, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning — either at home or in a residential care facility.


Home Care Worker

There is a growing need for qualified Home Care Workers all over Australia, and this occupation alone has experienced growth of more than 30% over the last 5 years. Build lasting relationships with your clients (and their families) as you assist them with transport, social support, medication monitoring, and other domestic duties your clients are unable to do for themselves.


Community Health Administration

Many graduates of the Certificate III in Community Services find employment carrying out administrative duties in community health clinics and rural health centres. With this qualification you can choose up to 8 electives that provide skills in leadership, team mentoring, documenting case work, as well as help you understand the legislation and compliance documentation underpinning community service work.


Higher education pathways

The health and community services industry is the second largest employment sector in Australia — and there is an increasing shortage of skilled carers. The Certificate III in Community Service is an excellent pathway for undertaking further education to boost your career within the sector.


Getting started

Get started in community services today by requesting more information from each of our course providers. The Certificate III in Community Services can be completed online in less than a year, and has a practical component — so make sure you ask about this before enrolling. Enquire now and start training today.

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