What can you do with a Diploma of Project Management?

12th November 2019

The Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) is a practical qualification that can be applied to any Australian industry or employment sector. In this article we’ll be outlining some quick facts about this ASQA accredited course as well as the immediate employment options for graduating students.

COURSE QUICK FACTS: This course is eligible for government subsidies and funding in some Australian states and territories. Enquire with a course provider for more details.


Begin a new career

Students of the Diploma in Project Management graduate ready to tackle complex projects — ie, spanning a month or longer and within a budget of more than $50,000. You’ll be immediately qualified for job roles like:

Project Co-ordinator (70k)
Project Co-ordinators work under a Project Manager (or group of senior managers) and have a hands-on role in ensuring the project is completed on time (and within budget). As project co-ordinator you could be resolving an issue with a contractor, or reporting the progress of a work team.

Contract Administrator (85k)
Contract Administrators develop and negotiate contracts on behalf of their organisation or project team — then ensure they are implemented legally and correctly. Contract Administrators supervise and manage work orders, liaise with subcontractors and suppliers, and update their Project Manager about the progress of a contract.

Project Manager (100k+)
Project Managers oversee large projects and tightly manage the time, finance, materials, and human resources required to deliver the undertaking. They scope out the project, assess the overall risk to the organisation, appoint the project team, work with suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as track and report progress to organisation officials and stakeholders.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: Project Managers need solid writing and presentation skills as they track and monitor the progress of the project.


Level-up your existing job role

Many students enrol in the Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) to support or advance their existing job role: For example:

IT Managers — needing the skills to deploy an extensive upgrade or expansion.

Construction Managers — needing skills to better manage work teams and negotiate with sub-contractors.

Accountants — needing to rollout a major change to record keeping and administrative procedures.

Safety Managers — assigned to a project team and responsible for health and safety matters.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: Project Managers across all industries need outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. You could be supervising a sub-contractor on the job, negotiating finance, or motivating a work team.


Support another qualification

The Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) can also be completed as a ‘Double Diploma’ in conjunction with another nationally recognised qualification. These include:

Diploma of Project Management/Diploma of Business — graduate as a job-ready project manager with advanced skills in marketing, and business administration.

Diploma of Project Management/Diploma of Quality Auditing — graduate with additional skills in risk management, compliance, and deploying quality management systems (QMS).

Diploma of Project Management/Diploma of Local Government (Operational Works) — graduate with the ability to manage complex projects in the local government context.

Diploma of Project Management/Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) — graduate with the skills to cost out and manage a building and construction project.

Written by Melinda J. Irvine
Melinda J. Irvine
Melinda is a professional writer, blogger and musician. When she’s not writing she’s creating online resources that help disadvantaged kids develop English literacy and life skills.

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