If you enjoy being around children and helping them to learn and grow, why not turn it into a successful career? The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care can open a range of new doors in this rewarding industry, and the demand for qualified workers in Australia is high. The question is: is this course worth it, and what can this course do for you?

Learn about course career pathways and discover which jobs this course can get you below.


Early Childhood Teacher

Early Childhood Teachers play an important part in the development of children from six weeks to 12 years old. This position will see you organising, planning and providing daily activities in a childcare centre or environment, to help young ones build a foundation of mental, physical and social skills for a happy life.

To become an Early Childhood Teacher, you will need to apply a number of skills. This position is ideal for naturally caring and patient individuals who can think critically, coordinate others and understand some child psychology. You will create lesson plans and run group sessions, while also attending staff meetings and talking with parents.

The Certificate III leads directly to this position. Early Childhood Teachers work during early daytime hours and on weekdays in schools, day care centre and community centres. They find the work rewarding and relaxing – they get to hang out with children all day, and get paid well for it too!

Early Childhood Teacher average weekly pay: $1,530*


Child Care Worker

As a Child Care Worker, you will find yourself working with young children in a diverse range of environments and settings. Childcare Workers mainly care for the basic needs of toddlers and infants when parents are unavailable or absent. They can work in private homes or be employed by childcare or community centres.

Child Care Workers can spend their time playing with babies, reading to them, introducing concepts like sharing, and helping them to improve their social skills. As well as jumping into the sandbox and having some fun, they also take care of feeding and changing diapers.

To become a Child Care Worker, you must be caring, organised, presentable to parents, and understand early childhood development. It is your duty to provide a safe environment while also guiding them with their first steps in the world. The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education equips you with the right skills to help you do just that.

Child Care Worker average weekly pay: $1,340*


Child Care Centre Manager

A Child Care Centre Manager oversees the daily operations of a child care centre and coordinates a team of Early Childcare Educators. This is a busy yet satisfying leadership role where you look after the long-term planning of a centre while supporting and inspiring staff on a daily basis.

Key skills required for Child Care Centre Managers are observation, ability to use judgement and solve problems, patience, and communication. Like any manager, you will be in charge of using resources efficiently to create success for your organisation.

The projected job growth in Australia for this role is 22% by the year 2020. There are many roles available for those wanting to progress their careers in childcare, and the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education is the ideal way to get started. Child Care Centre Managers often start out as Early Childhood Teachers and work their way up to management.

Child Care Centre Manager average weekly pay: $1,530*


Do these course outcomes sound exciting to you? Then studying this course could be the next step in your career.

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Written by Melinda J. Irvine
Melinda J. Irvine
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