PSP40616 Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting (Public Sector)

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Course description

If you’re seeking a public service role in procurement and require an advanced understanding of public sector principles and values (plus the processes for planning and implementing major purchases and contracts), this is the qualification you need. By completing this course you’ll gain a working knowledge of procurement and contract management — including market research, contract negotiating, and contract law. Enquire now for a full list of study units and pathways to enrolment.

Nationally recognised

Average duration

24 months

Online or Distance

On-campus or Workplace

Suitable For

This course is ideal for people who have the following knowledge, skills or abilities:

Administration and Management

Planning and coordination of people and resources.

Complex Problem Solving

Identifying a problem and finding the best solution to solve it.

Problem Sensitivity

Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong, even if you cannot solve the problem.

Production and Processing

Raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and ways of making and distributing goods.


This course can help you get a job as:

Job TitleAvg Salary
Procurement Officer$1,150 weekly pay
Contract Administrator$1,150 weekly pay
Fraud Analyst$1,400 weekly pay

This course can help you progress to:

Job TitleAvg Salary
Bank Manager$2,400 weekly pay
Head of Procurement$1,920 weekly pay
Supply Chain Manager$2,519 weekly pay


You will be required to complete a number of units of competencey for this qualifiation. Example units have been provided below but may vary for each provider.

Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector

This unit describes the skills required to encourage colleagues in the workplace to comply with legislation. It includes assisting others to comply with legislative requirements, and taking action on non-compliance. This unit applies to those working in generalist or specialist work activities where they need to identify, understand and comply with the legislative environment within which they work.

Plan procurement

This unit describes the skills required to plan, justify and approve of procurement requirements to achieve the required outcome. It includes defining and justifying the need, researching potential impact and risks, and securing organisational support to proceed with procurement activity. This unit applies to those working as public sector staff required to plan procurement.

Develop and distribute requests for offers

This unit describes the skills required to develop and disseminate a request for offers to fulfil procurement requirements. It includes specifying the requirement, developing the formal request for offer documents and developing the offer evaluation plan. This unit applies to those working as public sector staff required to develop and distribute requests for offers.

Select providers and develop contracts

This unit describes the skills required to select preferred providers as a result of a formal request for offer process. It includes evaluating offers, obtaining approvals, developing and formalising contractual arrangements, and debriefing the market and other stakeholders. This unit applies to those working as public sector staff required to select providers.

Manage contracts

This unit describes the skills required to manage contracts. It includes undertaking preparations, establishing and maintaining contract management arrangements, monitoring and maintaining contract performance, and completing and reviewing contracts. This unit applies to those working as public sector employees with responsibilities relating to contract management.

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Payment options

Interest free payment plan
Most course providers offer flexible payment options for the PSP40616 Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting (Public Sector) such as weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly interest-free payments for those who do not wish (or are unable) to pay their tuition fees outright. There is usually a discount for those who pay their tuition fees upfront. Enquire with a course provider to find out more.

Benefits of nationally recognised training

This is a nationally recognised course delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). RTOs are strictly regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This guarantees you will be studying a quality-assured and nationally recognised qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning
RTOs are also able to offer Recognition of Prior Learning for work experience or formal qualifications you may have undertaken to shorten the time you have to study. Ask a course provider for more details during the enrolment process.

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