ICT40518 Certificate IV in Programming

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Course description

Learn to Code. The Certificate IV in Programming (ICT40518) is great for ICT and business professionals needing to expand their programming skills, or for anyone with an interest in digital, multimedia, or games programming. You’ll learn to work inside a range of programming languages and graduate with the skills to test the applications you have developed while creating essential technical documents. This course also includes supplementary Microsoft certifications including MTA: HTML5, Software Development, Database and MCSA: SQL Server 2012. Enquire now for enrolment dates and funding opportunities.

Nationally recognised

Average duration

12 months

Online or Distance

On-campus or Workplace

Suitable For

This course is ideal for people who have the following knowledge, skills or abilities:

Computers and Electronics

Computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

Critical Thinking

Evaluating the benefits and costs of different solutions for a problem.

Engineering and Technology

Use engineering science and technology to design and produce goods and services.


Writing computer programs in a mix of programming languages.


This course can help you get a job as:

Job TitleAvg Salary
SQL Developer$1,250 weekly pay
Database Administrator$1,250 weekly pay
Programmer$1,250 weekly pay
Software Developer$1,250 weekly pay
Frontend Developer$1,250 weekly pay
Web Developer$1,250 weekly pay

This course can help you progress to:

Job TitleAvg Salary
Data Engineer$1,920 weekly pay


You will be required to complete a number of units of competencey for this qualifiation. Example units have been provided below but may vary for each provider.

Apply query language

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to retrieve and manipulate information stored in information systems, using a query language. It applies to individuals in a range of work environments, who are required to extract information from a source such as a database, a text file, or an extensible markup language (XML), by creating and running queries.

Develop data-driven applications

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to create data-driven applications that access data from a range of sources, such as databases, object data sources or eXtensible markup language (XML). It applies to individuals who may work as programmers or database application developers and who are responsible for data-access coding.

Automate processes

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to write scripts to automate solutions, by using basic scripting processes, and application-specific scripting options. It applies to individuals who may work in information and communications technology (ICT) support roles and who are required to automate tasks.

Build a user interface

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design, build, and test a user interface (UI) to specification, including command-line interfaces (CLI), graphical user interfaces (GUI), web user interfaces (WUI) and natural user interfaces (NUI). It applies to individuals who work as user-interface designers, and are responsible for specifying the layout and style of the desired user interface. They may be developers working in the area of user interface design and implementation.

Apply skills in object-oriented design

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to produce an object-oriented design from specifications, applying the cyclic process of iteration from identification of class, instance, role and type to the final object-oriented model of the application. It applies to system designers who are required to design systems using an object-oriented method.

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Government funding

The Australian government provides funding to help students who are completing the ICT40518 Certificate IV in Programming. The type of funding you receive depends on the state that you live in.

There are eligibility requirements for each type of funding. Enquire with a course provider to check your eligibility.

Payment options

Interest free payment plan
Most course providers offer flexible payment options for the ICT40518 Certificate IV in Programming such as weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly interest-free payments for those who do not wish (or are unable) to pay their tuition fees outright. There is usually a discount for those who pay their tuition fees upfront. Enquire with a course provider to find out more.

Benefits of nationally recognised training

This is a nationally recognised course delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). RTOs are strictly regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This guarantees you will be studying a quality-assured and nationally recognised qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning
RTOs are also able to offer Recognition of Prior Learning for work experience or formal qualifications you may have undertaken to shorten the time you have to study. Ask a course provider for more details during the enrolment process.

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