Diploma in Horticulture

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Horticulture is the practice of plant cultivation and management, and a Diploma in Horticulture will teach students how to become qualified horticulturists. This course will cover many areas of plant life including plant propagation and protection, landscaping and garden design, and how to grow cutting flowers.

Students will learn about viticulture, permaculture, and arboriculture, grounds and park management, and horticultural technology. Professionals with a Horticulture Diploma will be able turn their interest in the science of plants into a rewarding career.


Graduates will find themselves presented with a range of career opportunities designing indoor or outdoor gardens, both public and private, that are practical as well as beautiful. Horticulturists also work in greenhouses, in sports turf management, with crops, and in general landscaping. A Horticulture Diploma will enable graduates to work independently or with landscaping and wholesale nursery companies.

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