Diploma in Paralegal Secretarial

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Paralegals are the support staff to barristers and solicitors, and this position requires comprehensive knowledge of the legal industry. With a Paralegal Secretarial Diploma, you will be in position to take advantage of the many employment opportunities available.

This Paralegal Secretarial course will equip you to apply your knowledge of the legal system to carry out tasks, such as searching public records, handling legal documents and information, producing business documents, and appropriate handling of court documentation. You will also learn how to use legal terminology, assist in planning activities, and how to work effectively in a legal environment.


Paralegals and legal secretaries are essential to the efficient running of a legal office. With a Paralegal Secretarial Diploma, you can work in a variety of legal offices, such as those that specialise in criminal, family, immigration, real estate, and labour laws, or with various government agencies. This course will help you become part of this exciting field.

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