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About NT Training Entitlement (NT)

The Northern Territory Training Entitlement is the funding program in NT for Vocational Education and Training (VET). The Northern Territory Training Entitlement enables all NT residents of working age without a Certificate III or higher qualification to access government subsidised training.

  • live in the Northern Territory (NT)
  • are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or hold a visa without work or study restrictions; or are a New Zealand citizen who has lived in Australia for over six months
  • are at least 17 years old and have left school
  • preferably don't already have a Certificate III level qualification or above.

The Northern Territory Training Entitlement allows eligible NT students to enrol in subsidised Certificate III qualifications through to Advanced Diploma across a range of industries. The Northern Territory Training Entitlement also covers foundation skills or lower level qualifications needed to complete the qualification. The entitlement does not apply to the higher education sector.

The full cost of training is covered by the Northern Territory Training Entitlement. However, a non-refundable administration fee is charged and payable by all students.

Priority Groups

Access to training is based on highest level of previous qualification. Students who have not already completed a Certificate III (or higher) level qualification are place in a priority group. Students in the priority group can access any qualification offered under the entitlement.

Students who already hold a Certificate III (or higher) level qualification are referred to as Group 2 students. Group 2 student have limited access to specified qualifications offered under the entitlement.

Approved Courses

Sorry, there are no courses available at this time.

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