Courses for Seniors

For seniors looking to learn new skills and socialise

Improve your digital literacy

Tech Savvy Seniors is a government-funded program that provides digital training to seniors. Learn how to use computers and smart devices to stay connected with family and friends.


Share knowledge and connect

The University of the Third Age is a non-profit, international movement giving seniors a place to share knowledge and connect. Join a fun community and learn from other members.


Learning for fun

There are a ton of fun classes available for seniors to take. Whether you're interested in an exercise class, or something more creative, there are definitely some great options for you.

Vocational Training

It is becoming more common for seniors to remain in the workplace much longer than in decades past, so the demand for senior citizen vocational training is increasing. Find vocational training courses suitable for seniors below.

Certificate III in Business Administration (BSB30415)

This certification focuses on keyboarding and document preparation because it doesn’t matter what your occupation — everyone needs to know how to write a simple document, and type with proficiency.

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Certificate III in Tourism (SIT30116)

This course provides a pathway to work in a range of roles such as a tour guide, visitor information centre officer or museum attendant. Seniors who have been longtime residents of their city bring a unique expertise when conducting tours.

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Certificate III in Education Support (CHC30213)

This role is suitable for seniors looking to work as a teacher’s aide or tutor in an education setting. You will learn how to support the development of literacy, numeracy and oral language skills in children and young people.

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Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

Seniors seeking roles in a range of early childhood education settings would benefit from this course. You will gain a range of knowledge and skills including caring for children, keeping children safe as well as supporting their play and learning.

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