If you enjoy a structured work environment where you get to be part of an efficient working team, a career in Warehousing could be for you. This industry is crucial for the storage and handling of goods from a range of sectors. With organised systems and processes, Warehousing offers work in large organisations, storage facilities or transport operations. Whether you’re employed in an administrative role, in stock handling or in stock inventory, this industry has many opportunities.

A career in Warehousing requires excellent teamwork skills and the ability to manage your time well. You’ll need to be organised and able to work to a strict schedule. You should be able to complete a range of administrative tasks and follow correct procedures at all times. Safety is important in this field and you must be able to communicate clearly. Depending on your role, you may need to be capable of a range of manual handling duties, including heavy lifting.

If you’re interested in a career in Warehousing, the following courses can help you get started:

Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations

A Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations will give you the skills to work in a range of warehousing, transport and logistics roles. You’ll explore effective processes for receiving and shipping goods and learn about the administrative tasks involved in this industry. You’ll also cover subjects including work health and safety procedures, manual handling and safe lifting.

Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

A Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations is an excellent qualification for anyone wanting to advance their skills in the warehousing industry. This course looks at effective warehousing practices and gives you the skills to implement crucial safety protocols. You’ll cover a range of topics including efficient stock control, organising transport of goods and freight and coordinating transport workloads.

Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices

A Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices is an ideal course for people interested in a managerial position in the warehousing or logistics industries. You’ll cover a range of topics including operational efficiencies, customer service and employee competence. You’ll also explore strategies for reducing waste and bringing down production costs.

A Warehousing qualification could lead to a range of careers including the following job roles:

Warehouse Assistant

A Warehouse Assistant performs a range of tasks at a storage or logistics operation. You might complete paperwork involved with receiving stock and carry out inventory checks when needed. You might process orders and package goods ready for shipping. Warehouse Assistants get goods ready for transport and assist with loading and unloading of stock.

Freight Handler

A Freight Handler loads and unloads stock in a warehouse or storage facility. You might move items by hand or use equipment such as forklifts to distribute items to storage areas. Freight Handlers get goods ready for distribution and may package stock according to order instructions. You might move goods to shipping areas and help with loading and unloading activities.

Warehouse Supervisor

A Warehouse Supervisor coordinates the daily running of a warehouse or storage operation. You’ll supervise a team of staff and make sure operations are running effectively. Warehouse Supervisors might oversee the arrival of new stock and keep track of goods currently being housed at a facility. You’ll make sure orders are processed and coordinate the transport of items with shipping contractors.

Getting started

Before you enrol in a course in Warehousing, make sure you gather information from a range of course providers. There is usually some variation in the way courses are delivered so it’s important you find a course that best meets your needs. Find out about course duration, costs, any prerequisites and the content the course will cover. Once you have all the information you can compare details and decide which course is best for you.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
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