If you’re planning a career in agriculture, undertaking a course of study can really boost your work opportunities. A formal qualification in agriculture will increase your skills and allow you to take on a position with more responsibility. Whether you’re just starting out in this field, or have some experience but want to expand your knowledge, a course in agriculture is a great way to set your career on the right path. If you’re not sure which course to choose, here are some of the most popular options for qualifications in agriculture.

Certificate III in Agriculture

A Certificate III in Agriculture is an ideal way to get started in this sector. You’ll cover a range of introductory subjects such as working safely on farms and other agricultural worksites. This course will prepare you for roles such as farmhand, station hand, nurseryperson, nursery hand, piggery attendant or poultry farm worker. The Certificate III in Agriculture also allows you to choose electives to suit your career plans such as crop management, livestock handling, farm machinery operation, fencing or pest control.

Certificate IV in Agriculture

The Certificate IV in Agriculture will not only develop your skills in agricultural techniques, you’ll also cover relevant topics in business administration. It’s perfect if you’re planning to seek employment in roles such as farm manager, station manager or agribusiness manager. The Certificate IV in Agriculture explores issues such as property improvement, production data, managing pastures and planning pasture establishment. You can also choose electives in an area of interest such as organic farming, working with livestock, business administration or using chemicals.

Diploma of Agriculture

If you want to take your agricultural career to a higher level, a Diploma of Agriculture could be a great pathway for you. If you’re interested in managing a farm or an agribusiness venture, this course will give you the knowledge and skills you need. You’ll be prepared to work as an agronomist, an agribusiness manager, farmer, farm manager or station manager. The Diploma of Agriculture allows you to tailor your studies with specialty areas including agribusiness, livestock, cropping, business administration and safety.

Diploma of Agribusiness Management

A Diploma of Agribusiness Management is an excellent choice if you want to further your career in this exciting sector. This course covers a range of topics to prepare you for roles such as station manager, farm manager, agribusiness manager or dairy farm manager. You’ll expand your knowledge and skills in areas such as developing a business plan and forming a whole farm plan. The Diploma of Agribusiness Management also explores other subjects such as climate risk strategies.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
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