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Farmer Courses

A Farmer runs a primary production business producing goods for sale to market. You might be employed in a range of farming industries including livestock, fruit and vegetables, crops or dairy products. Farmers are involved with all aspects of operations from planting and cultivating to harvesting and getting products ready for sale. Your daily work will vary but might involve operating farm machinery, maintaining equipment, irrigating and fertilising, monitoring the health of livestock or liaising with customers.

Being a Farmer is a physically demanding role and you’ll need to be capable of all kinds of manual labour. You’ll spend most of your time outdoors and have to work in a range of weather conditions. Farmers need to be flexible and should be able to handle a range of different tasks during their day. It’s important that you can plan ahead and work with changing weather conditions and market demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Farmer earn?

In Australia, a full time Farmer generally earns $1,350 per week ($70,200 annual salary) before tax. This is a median figure for full-time employees and should be considered a guide only. As you gain more experience you can expect a potentially higher salary than people who are new to the industry.

What are the job opportunities for a Farmer?

The number of people working as a Farmer is expected to drop slightly over the next five years. There are currently 178,500 people working as a farmer in Australia. Most farming opportunities can be found in rural or remote areas of Australia.

Source: The Labour Market Information Portal – 2019 Occupation Projections

How do I become a Farmer?

If you’re planning a career as a Farmer, consider enrolling in a Diploma of Agriculture. This qualification allows you to specialise in an area of interest such as agribusiness, livestock, cropping or business administration. You could also enrol in a course such as a Certificate IV in Production Horticulture or a Diploma of Organic Farming.

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Job Pathways

Here are some potential career pathways within production horticulture. Click on an occupation to learn more about the role and the qualifications that can help you get started in this industry.