What can you do with a Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

15th January 2020

Now is the perfect time to grab a hands-on qualification in IT and Digital Media. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) employment sector in Australia is currently in a state of growth with very strong demand expected for ICT Technicians and Support Officers over the next 3-5 years. In this article we’ll take a look at the entry level qualification Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) — what it is, and what employment opportunities a graduate could reasonably expect.


What you’ll learn in the course

The Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) is a nationally recognised qualification completed online over 12 months. Students complete 17 units, including 11 electives chosen from 6 interest areas:

  • Software applications
  • Network administration
  • IT Support
  • Web technologies
  • Multimedia
  • General ICT

Students graduate with the skills — and additional vendor certifications — that enable them to install operating system software, configure a basic network, and provide basic system administration. Students are immediately employable.


Available job roles

Graduates of the Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) are qualified for a number of entry level IT roles. Examples include:

Network Support Officer
Network Support Officers provide internal support to users of a small business or corporate IT network. They setup user data; repair and replace terminals, printers and other peripherals; troubleshoot and rectify software faults; as well perform upgrades to individual workstations.

Help Desk Officer
Help Desk Officers provide IT support to external system users via phone, chat, or email. They identify and rectify hardware faults as well as assist end users resolve software configuration and upgrade issues. Help Desk Officers may also be required to administrate and maintain a fault ticketing system.

IT Technician
IT Technicians troubleshoot hardware and software issues on a range of devices. They are adept at running standard diagnostic tests and optimising software to make a system run faster and more efficiently. IT Technicians know how to disassemble and carry out repairs to a range of IT devices and peripherals.

Administrative Roles
Having strong IT skills is highly desirable in an office environment. Administration Officers, Admin Assistants, PAs, and Secretaries often enrol in the Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118) to upskill and increase their employability.

REMEMBER: Field experience and further studies will open up more senior roles and higher salaries.


Career pathways

Once a student has completed their Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (ICT30118), they can continue along a career pathway by enrolling in other nationally recognised qualifications along the same study line. Examples include:

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