What can you do with a Certificate IV in Information Technology?

17th February 2021

A Certificate IV in Information Technology is an excellent way to boost your career in information technology. Whether you want to work as a web developer, in ICT support or as a network technician, this course will give you a strong grounding in the technical skills you need. You might offer support to customers via a help desk, assist your company in the creation and maintenance of their website and databases or conduct systems analysis testing. Whatever role you have in mind, this qualification will help you get there.

The Certificate IV in Information Technology covers a range of topics relevant to a career in IT. You’ll learn about website programming and database development and look at strategies to address cyber security. The course will give you the skills to work with clients and determine their needs and look at issues such as copyright, ethics and privacy. The Certificate IV in Information Technology examines network and server installation and explores emerging technologies and practices.

Working in information technology is an excellent career for anyone who is passionate about ICT. If you enjoy working as part of a team, this could be a good choice for you. People working in information technology need to have excellent analytical skills and be good at problem solving. It’s important that you can communicate well and understand the needs of your clients and colleagues. You’ll need to have a good understanding of current software and technologies and be able to apply this knowledge in your workplace.

A Certificate IV in Information Technology is an ideal course of study for the following careers:

Video Game Designer
A Video Game Designer creates games for websites, apps and gaming systems. They use gaming software to develop games for various platforms. They might come up with their own characters, storylines and challenges or they might work with a design team to develop ideas. Video Game Designers may test their games with customers and work out solutions to any gaming issues.

Digital Animator
A Digital Animator creates stories and scenes for use in digital media. They might produce animations that are used on televisions and films or for use online and on websites. Digital Animators usually tell a story through their work or may be employed to convey a particular message in an advertisement or public safety announcement. They might work with a larger team to come up with ideas during the production process.

Video Editor
A Video Editor uses computer software to edit footage for films, television, advertisements and other visual productions. They might include other features such as audio, special effects, graphics and music. Video Editors may follow a production brief or make their own creative decisions about which footage to include in their video pieces.

Higher education pathways

A Certificate IV in Information Technology is a great way to start a career in information technology. You might choose to specialise your studies with a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking), a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Web Development) or a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Systems Administration Support).

If you decide to further your career in information technology you could enrol in a university degree such as a Bachelor of Information Technology or a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology. This will expand your knowledge and broaden your career opportunities. A university degree may allow you to take on an information technology position with more responsibility. You may be able to use a Certificate IV in Information Technology as a pathway to these courses.

Getting started

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a Certificate IV in Information Technology, start by requesting information from a range of different course providers. There is usually some variation in how they deliver their courses, so be sure to find out about the duration of the course, costs, any prerequisites and the content the course will cover. Once you have all the information you can compare courses and find the right provider for you.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
Jodie is a freelance writer with a background in communication and journalism. She’s spent almost 20 years working in roles such as Special Projects Writer and Publications Officer.

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