What can you do with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

10th September 2020

A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is an ideal qualification for anyone providing vocational education and training (VET). Whether you’re offering training at your workplace, at a registered training organisation or at a TAFE, this course will show you how to plan your training program, deliver it in a group setting and assess your students’ learning. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a great choice for anyone who is starting out in vocational training or for those who need to update their qualifications.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will provide the knowledge and skills you need to effectively teach a group of learners. You’ll explore various training strategies, understand what’s important when delivering a training package, look at various learning frameworks and find out about current industry legislation and standards. This course will help you to engage with your students and practise the latest in electronic learning delivery systems.

A career in vocational education is perfect for people who enjoy interacting with others. You’ll need excellent communication skills and have a strong focus on customer service. Working in vocational educational and training requires a passion for teaching and you’ll need to be a confident public speaker. You’ll need to be organised and be able to liaise with people from many different industries.

A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a great choice if you’re interested in the following careers:

Trainer and Assessor
A Trainer and Assessor delivers vocational education and training to adult learners or secondary school students. They might specialise in one particular area of study or they may work with a group of learners to deliver training especially for their needs. Trainer and Assessors will plan a course of study for their students, deliver it in an engaging way and assess the learning of their group. They might work for a training organisation or be the designated trainer at their workplace.

TAFE Teacher
A TAFE Teacher works at a Technical and Further Education facility providing courses in a range of subject areas. They may deliver learning on campus or online. TAFE Teachers develop curriculums for their courses, work with students to effectively deliver course material and assess learning outcomes. They may work with industry representatives to ensure courses meet real life workplace needs.

RTO Manager
An RTO Manager oversees the daily running of a registered training organisation. They’ll offer a range of courses of study and make sure staff are providing training effectively. They’ll meet with current and prospective students to discuss training options and may also be involved with marketing, training schedules and budgeting duties. RTO Managers liaise with industry to make sure the training offered is meeting their needs.

Higher education pathways

A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a great start to a career in vocational educational and training. If you decide to take your study further you might enrol in a Diploma of Training Design and Development where you’ll learn more about developing a course of study for an RTO or workplace. You might also consider a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training.

You could also further your study with a university course in vocational educational and training. A university degree may allow you to be employed in a position with more responsibility or train others in a greater range of courses. You could consider a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education or a Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training. You might be able to use a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as a stepping stone toward these studies.

Getting started

If you’re considering furthering your career with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, it’s a good idea to request information from a range of course providers. Providers often deliver their course differently, so get all the details on the duration of the course, costs, any prerequisites and the course content. Once you have all the information you can compare courses to find the right one for your needs. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment usually takes 12 months to complete but this may vary between course providers. It may be offered on campus or through online learning.

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