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Fitness Centre Manager Courses

A Fitness Centre Manager takes care of the overall running of a fitness facility. You might supervise staff and ensure they are properly trained for their role. Fitness Centre Managers ensure the facility is correctly maintained and meets relevant legislation and standards. You might encourage new customers or clients through advertising and promotions and deal with any issues that arise such as customer complaints or safety hazards.

Fitness Centre Managers must be organised and able to prioritise their daily workload. You’ll need to be good at multitasking and may have to draw on your problem solving abilities. Fitness Centre Managers should be good leaders and able to communicate well with staff and customers.

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Popular Fitness Centre Manager Courses

There are 2 courses available for people who want to become a Fitness Centre Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Fitness Centre Manager earn?

In Australia, a full time Fitness Centre Manager generally earns $1,350 per week ($70,200 annual salary) before tax. This is a median figure for full-time employees and should be considered a guide only. As you gain more experience you can expect a potentially higher salary than people who are new to the industry.

What are the job opportunities for a Fitness Centre Manager?

There has been an increase in employment in this industry in recent years. There are currently 4,200 people working as a Fitness Centre Manager in Australia compared to 3,600 five years ago. Fitness Centre Managers may find work across all regions of Australia.

Source: Australian Government Labour Market Insights

How do I become a Fitness Centre Manager?

If you’re interested in a career as a Fitness Centre Manager, you could enrol in a Diploma of Sport and Recreation Management. This course explores a range of topics, including managing staff, risk management, organising on-site events, coordinating facility management and obtaining sponsorship.

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Job Pathways

Here are some potential career pathways within fitness and personal training. Click on an occupation to learn more about the role and the qualifications that can help you get started in this industry.