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Junior Web Developer Courses

Junior Web Developers work on project teams to create and maintain complex websites. They work under the supervision of senior developers and may be assisting with the development and testing of backend projects (such as system architecture and data management) or front end technologies (the user interface).

As a Junior Web Developer, you must be familiar with a range of web programming languages including HTML, CSS / SASS / LESS, Javascript (jQuery), PHP, MySQL, Roots Sage — and also be comfortable working as part of a team. You may also be directed to use third-party plugins and social media applications.

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Popular Junior Web Developer Courses

There are 2 courses available for people who want to become a Junior Web Developer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Junior Web Developers earn?

In Australia, a fully qualified Web Developer generally earns $1,596 per week ($82,992 annual salary) before tax. Junior Developers may take several years of field work to reach this salary.

What are the job opportunities for Junior Web Developers?

There are approximately 18,000 Web Developers employed in Australia right now, and several thousand jobs are expected to open up over the next 5 years. Junior Web Developers are employed by IT specialist firms as well as corporate enterprises, private businesses, government departments, and community service organisations across all industries and employment sectors.

Source: Australian Government Job Outlook 2020

How do I become a Junior Web Developer?

To get started as a professional Junior Web Developer, you’ll need technical experience and a portfolio of completed projects. The Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies, Certificate IV in Programming, and the Diploma of Website Development will also help. These qualifications take 6-12 months to complete. You’ll also benefit from supporting qualifications in multimedia and design.

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Job Pathways

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