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Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business is for the next generation of business leaders and unit managers — needing strong leadership skills and a working knowledge of company law, economics, business information systems and corporate finance. This full degree delivers all these business essentials and allows you to pursue career interests in marketing, HR, accounting, or business communication.

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Delivery mode:
On Campus

Average duration:
24 months

Suitable For

This course is ideal for people who have the following knowledge, skills or abilities:

Administration and Management

Planning and coordination of people and resources.

Critical Thinking

Evaluating the benefits and costs of different solutions for a problem.

Judgment and Decision Making

Evaluating the benefits and costs of different options and choosing the best one.

Personnel and Human Resources

Recruiting and training people. Managing pay and other entitlements like sick and holiday leave.


This course can help you get a job as:

Job Title
Average Salary
$1,900 weekly pay
$1,550 weekly pay
$1,600 weekly pay
$1,550 weekly pay

Please note that weekly pay figures are estimates only of what you could possibly earn.

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