Career spotlight: Advertising and marketing professionals

2nd October 2019

Advertising and marketing is one of Australia’s largest employment areas, and currently growing rapidly — particularly for advertising professionals with skills in digital marketing and online content creation. In this article we’ll focus on 5 great career paths and the qualifications you’ll need to get started.


1. Marketing Assistant (55k +)

Working as a Marketing Assistant — or in a similar marketing support role — is an excellent way to get started in this growing employment sector. Marketing Assistants create, collate, and distribute advertising and promotional content under the direction of the Marketing Manager or Marketing Executive.

Essential qualifications
As a minimum you’ll need a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (BSB42415) to secure a marketing support role. We also recommend short courses in social media marketing, content writing, and basic graphic design.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: Marketing Assistants produce a lot of content, and gain enormous experience and skills working under the guidance of skilled editors, marketing managers, and advertising consultants.


Digital Marketer (70k +)

Digital Marketers develop content and marketing strategies utilising social media channels, web content, and direct response email. It’s all about maximising the online presence of your company or clients.

Essential qualifications
Get started as a Digital Marketer with a Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10118NAT), but also consider taking online short courses in Google Adwords, Wordpress, Facebook Advertising, and email marketing.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: This career suits people who know what’s trending online and are always trying the latest apps.


Market Research Analyst (90k +)

Market Research Analysts evaluate consumer spending habits and preferences — then identify new (and existing) market opportunities for the goods and services of their company or client. As a Market Research Analyst you’ll be charged with interpreting current trends and predicting the ‘next big thing’.

Essential qualifications
You can get started as a Market Research Analyst with an Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB61315), but you should also consider a Bachelor of Business as your career progresses.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: Market Research Analysts need to be able to present an abundance of research data into a killer presentation for corporate decision makers and stakeholders.


Public Relations Manager (100k +)

Public Relations Managers are the official representatives of corporations, sports stars, and TV personalities — they develop marketing and communication strategies to ensure their company (or clients) are perceived favourably by the community. PR Managers do everything from writing press releases and undertaking public opinion research — to arranging special events, competitions, and media appearances that promote goodwill.

Essential qualifications
Over the past 5 years there has been a growing demand for Public Relations Managers, and you can get started with the Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415) — but you should also consider the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) (081293M).

CAREER TIPS: Public Relations Managers need to be adept in speech writing, as well as working with media outlets and their representatives. You’ll spend loads of time on the phone.


Advertising Manager (110k +)

Advertising Managers develop and manage advertising campaigns for small businesses, companies, and corporations. They oversee the production of digital artwork, print media (brochures, flyers), online copy, email autoresponders, video and audio scripts — as well as co-ordinate the media placement of all of these assets.

Essential qualifications
The Diploma of Marketing and Communication (BSB52415) is a minimum qualification for Advertising Managers. Consider additional certifications in digital advertising (Facebook, Google, Bing), graphic design, and online content creation to boost your employability.

CAREER QUICK FACTS: Advertising Managers work closely with the sales and business development team, you’ll need to be able to work within a tight advertising budget.

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