Redundancy tips and strategies

17th October 2019

Have you just been made redundant — or do you have a sneaking suspicion it’s in the pipeline? This article offers 3 tips for leveraging a redundancy for positive life change and empowerment. It’s the perfect time to undertake professional training to reinforce your career achievements and formalise your industry knowledge.


1. Checking the legalities

Our first recommendation is to make sure you check the Redundancy section on the Fairwork Ombudsman website. It outlines exactly what constitutes a genuine redundancy in Australia, as well as how much you should be paid.

It’s important to know that you only have 21 days (from the day after you were dismissed) to lodge an appeal with the Fair Work Commission if you feel your employment was unlawfully terminated.


2. Reviewing your professional profile

You’ll want to begin reviewing your professional profile sooner rather than later — and by ‘professional profile’ we mean how you appear on social media or when someone googles you. Think about the way you present on mainstream channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — but also consider your professional profile on Linkedin — where more than 95% of hiring managers and recruiters are actively searching for candidates.


3. Training and development

Most importantly, critically appraise your career profile and identify gaps in your education or work experience. Now is a great time to undertake vocational studies to support your existing career or open yourself up to a new career path. Here are three training strategies:

Reinforce your existing career
If you’re happy in your current employment sector, you might consider training that advances your knowledge of leadership, sales, administration, or soft skills. Consider:

You might also continue your studies along a career pathway by enrolling in the next level qualification. Eg, you hold a Certificate IV in Programming (ICT40518) and upskill by enrolling in a Diploma of Information Technology Networking (ICT50418).

Going independent
After years of professional service, redundancy can be the push you need to start your own successful business or consulting service. Consider the:

Changing employment sector
If you fancy a fresh start there are literally thousands of vocational qualifications that are fully accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), and can be completed at home (online) or on weekends.

Horticulture, floristry, holistic therapies, finance, aviation, IT — in 2020 and beyond there is a nationally recognised qualification to match any career path or employment sector. Browse the latest qualifications online now.

REMEMBER: Many nationally recognised training courses in Australia are eligible for government subsidies and funding. Click here to check the funding opportunities currently available in your state or territory.

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