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Christianity Courses

Feel a higher calling? Have a desire to help fellow Australians learn more about the guiding principles that shape the lives of hundreds of millions of humans around the world? You can turn your Christian faith into a helpful career with the teachings of nationally accredited Christianity courses. Chaplaincy courses give you a chance to work individually with a mentor who can prepare you to walk a new, enriching path.

This is your chance to learn how a Christian professional can have incredible impacts in community-based organisations while supporting individuals affected by addiction, grief, family violence and mental health, as well as those institutionalised in correction centres and aged care facilities. A Christian qualification can help you feel a higher, more rewarding connection to your commitment to your religion and personal ministry. What you learn in these courses can help you earn a role as a pastor. In addition to incredible gratification and benefits for the public, Christianity pastor roles can pay an average weekly salary of $865.

Share the good word with thousands of Australians with the help of these nationally accredited Christianity courses.

Job Pathways

Here are some potential career pathways within Christianity Courses. Click on the occupation for information on the course you should enrol in to start your journey.

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There are 1 courses available for people who want a career in Christianity. These are the most popular courses.

10635NAT Diploma of Chaplaincy

A nationally recognised Diploma of Chaplaincy qualifies you to work as a Christian chaplain in a variety of community based organisations including residential aged care, correctional centres, defence sites and hospitals. During your studies you’ll be working one-on-one with a professional counse...

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