If you enjoy interacting with other people and pride yourself on your excellent customer service, a career in retail might be an excellent pathway for you. Working in retail can be exciting and lead to a range of work possibilities. You might want to work as a retail assistant or have your sights set on a supervisory position such as retail team leader or department manager. Studying a course in retail can further your skills and improve your knowledge of this busy industry. If you’re not sure which qualification would be best for you, here are some of the most popular choices for further study in retail:

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics

A Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics can specialise your skills so you can take up a position in the cosmetics section of a retail store. You might be employed as a retail assistant in a chemist, salon, department store or specialist retail outlet. The Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics will give you the knowledge to help customers choose beauty products and apply makeup in a retail setting. You’ll also cover other topics such as setting up merchandise displays and carrying out financial transactions.

Certificate IV in Retail Management

The Certificate IV in Retail Management will prepare you for a range of management positions in the retail sector. You might be employed as a store manager, area manager, department manager, retail manager or retail team leader. This course will give you the skills to manage a team of staff and meet your retail sales targets. The Certificate IV in Retail Management covers various topics including creating a customer centric culture, implementing customer service strategies and maintaining store security.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
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