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Holding a legal secretary job in Australia is a fantastic way to enter the legal field, as it presents a foundation from which to build a career in the profession. Whether your interest lies in property law, financial law, criminal law or another area of expertise, you can carve out your own place in the legal landscape and work on interesting cases of all sizes. With the help of these learning pathways, you can gain a strong foundation of skills in legal services and administration while bettering your understanding of the legal system in Australia. All of this will prepare you for work in a legal firm, courthouse or private organisation.

These learning opportunities give you the chance to become familiar with not only the Australian legal system, but also the administrative tasks that help you navigate different legal tasks. Get your start with an entry-level junior legal secretary job, or take steps toward something bigger with legal receptionist and legal secretary positions. Depending on the specific role and organisation with which you're working, these jobs can have a weekly average salary of $960-$1,250.

Start your journey toward becoming a professional legal secretary with the help of these nationally accredited legal secretary courses.

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