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Paralegal Courses Online

Just because you don't stand in front of a judge in a courtroom or directly interact with big-time stakeholders doesn't mean you can't have a major impact in the Australian legal lanscape. Paralegals are incredibly valuable cogs in wheels of law, performing vital tasks that help clients and legal professionals make educated decisions. These nationally accredited courses are excellent options for those looking to start or continue a burgeoning career in law. What you learn in these pathways can help you stand out from your peers, obtain the core set of skills needed to complete tasks and develop a strong understanding of the legal system that can land you a job in a practice or courthouse.

The material covered in these legal services courses includes an in-depth look at the Australian legal system as well as a range of elective options that can help you tailor your study to commercial law, property law, family law, criminal law and more. You'll also obtain the skills to research and develop key pieces of legal documentation. Upon completion of this learning, you'll be able to apply for law jobs in Australia such as paralegal and legal assistant. Depending on exact role and location, these jobs can pay an average weekly salary of $1,340.

Ready to be part of the Australian legal landscape? Check out these great learning opportunities today.

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There are 2 courses available for people who want a career in Paralegal. These are the most popular courses.

BSB52215 Diploma of Legal Services

A Diploma of Legal Services BSB52215 is an administrative qualification perfect for students seeking careers as paralegals. This diploma delivers advanced level knowledge of the Australian legal system and students can choose electives to specialise in family, criminal, property, or corporations ...

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BSB42215 Certificate IV in Legal Services

A Certificate IV in Legal Services BSB42215 is an administrative qualification perfect for students requiring a strong understanding of the Australian legal system (including the legislative system of parliament and the judicial court system). Students graduate knowing how to produce complex lega...

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