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Facilities Manager Courses

A Facilities Manager is in charge of the daily running of large facilities such as shopping centres, tourist attractions or sports facilities. You’ll make sure the facility is operating effectively with proper water, electricity and air conditioning and you will also have to organise key services like security and cleaners. You’ll ensure a facility is safe for visitors and staff and make sure all necessary regulations are met. You may have to promote the facility to customers or the public and you’ll sometimes organise extra support for special events.

Being a Facilities Manager means juggling many tasks at once so you’ll need to be good at multi-tasking. There’ll be a lot of administrative work involved so you’ll need to be good with office systems and equipment. A Facilities Manager needs excellent people skills and you’ll have to be very organised.

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Popular Facilities Manager Courses

There is one course available for people who want to become a Facilities Manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Facilities Manager earn?

In Australia, a full time Facilities Manager generally earns $1,400 per week ($72,800 annual salary) before tax. This is a median figure for full-time employees and should be considered a guide only. As you gain more experience you can expect a potentially higher salary than people who are new to the industry.

What are the job opportunities for a Facilities Manager?

In Australia, there are 17,000 people working as a Facilities Manager and this number has increased recently. Five years ago there were 15,200 people in this profession. Facilities Managers work in all areas of Australia where there are large private or community facilities.

Source: Australian Government Job Outlook 2020

How do I become a Facilities Manager?

A Diploma of Property Services (Asset and Facility Management) is a great course to look into if you want a career as a Facilities Manager. This course generally takes two years and addresses topics such as business administration, project management and contract law.

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