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Entertainment Journalist Courses

Entertainment Journalists report on the latest in popular culture and the entertainment business, both worldwide and in Australia. They usually follow a personal field of interest (eg, celebrities, royalty, film, books, TV, gaming, lifestyle) and may create magazine articles, blog posts, video content, podcasts, and screen media segments.

As an Entertainment Journalist you could be attending a film festival and interviewing celebrities and attendees, reading a brief for an upcoming feature piece for a tabloid magazine, proofreading and editing some draft copy, scanning popular websites for story ideas, networking with magazine editors and blog owners, writing a review on a new television series, researching the latest dietary trends, or attending the opening of a new play at a leading metro theatre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Entertainment Journalists earn?

There are no clear salary figures for Entertainment Journalists working in Australia right now. Increase your earning capacity by gaining formal qualifications in professional writing, the arts, screen media, and popular culture.

What are the job opportunities for Entertainment Journalists?

There are no clear employment figures for Entertainment Journalists working in Australia at this time. They are employed by advertising and marketing firms as well as media outlets, newspapers, tabloid magazines and online publications. Many Entertainment Journalists work freelance.

How do I become an Entertainment Journalist?

To become an Entertainment Journalist you will need to have professional-level writing skills and up-to-date knowledge of popular culture including the latest in film, television, books, fashion, and shopping trends. Get started with a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing plus a Bachelor of Arts (Screen Studies and Popular Culture).

Source: Australian Government Labour Market Insights 2023

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Job Pathways

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