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Electrical Engineering Courses

Electrical engineering is a profession that can open pathways in a range of industries and areas not only in Australia, but around the world. Let an industry-accredited qualification in electronic engineering be the launchpad for an in-demand career assembling all kinds of cool tech. Help develop cutting-edge equipment. Come up with the plans for groundbreaking meters and sensors. Create energy-efficient lighting or put together an electricity system for a community or even an entire city. With the foundational skills within, you can take your first steps in a long and fruitful electrical engineering career.

These online courses focus on practical knowledge and hands-on skills such as welding and thermal cutting, while also covering a wide range of electronic technology. Upon completion you'll have what you need to kickstart your career in this amazing industry, able to pursue entry-level electronic assembly worker jobs that can pay an average weekly salary of $865.

Get started on the path to an excellent electrical engineering career with the help of these great courses.

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