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Renewable Energy Courses

Many believe renewable energy is a key cog in a safer, more sustainable future. With government mandates and an international push for greener policies and processes, renewable energy jobs represent an opportunity to be at the forefront of some of the world's most exciting engineering technology.

Renewable energy courses are catered to qualified engineers and technologists who want to further their career in, or pivot to, green, more sustainable production and practices. These learning pathways expose you to technical, real-world applications of renewable energy. You'll gain insight into the mechanical aspects of key components that help deliver wind power, solar power, hydro power and other renewable energy sources to the masses. Your experience and the teachings of these courses can help you pursue renewable energy jobs including renewable energy engineer, photovoltaic engineer and wind turbine engineer.

Get involved in an industry that could very well change how Australia and the rest of the world operates. Check out renewable energy courses today to start growing your career.

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Here are some potential career pathways within Renewable Energy Courses. Click on the occupation for information on the course you should enrol in to start your journey.

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Renewable Energy

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52764WA Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies

The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies (52764WA) is for degree qualified engineers and technologists wanting to specialise in renewable energies. This course is workplace-based and deals with the practical issues you are likely to face in the field — including modelling and sim...

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