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Metalworking Courses

You don't have to like loud music to get involved with some heavy metal. Mould the career of your dreams with a nationally recognised metalworking qualification that focuses on the practical knowledge and hand-on job skills you need to work with metals and perform different types of welding. You'll graduate from these courses with those practical skills as well as the ability to carry out essential computations and take accurate measurements to ensure you get the job done time after time.

This is your chance to get a foot in the door in the industry, with junior roles like metalworker and metal assembly worker. Depending on location and organisation, these jobs can pay an average weekly salary of $865. These will give you the real-world experience needed to further your career, giving you a chance to work on exciting projects that contribute to the creation of everything from bridge and building parts to components for cars and planes.

Get your hands on some quality training with these nationally accredited metalworking courses.

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