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Border Security & Customs Courses

Protecting borders is an ongoing challenge faced by many nations around the world, and Australia is no different. Keeping citizens safe while also making visitors feel comfortable upon arrival and departure takes special training and knowledge of standards and laws that can evolve at any moment. Courses in border security and customs will prepare you for a successful career in the field, with units in legislation, government policy, organisational procedures and more.

These certificates in governmental studies prepare students for a career in the Australian public sector by familiarising them with legislation and other branches of investigation, including marketing, records management and safety. With certificates to suit those in various phases of student and professional life, you'll be qualified for junior roles such as border protection officer assistant and customs officer assistant and mid-level jobs such as border protection officer. Depending on location, these positions can pay an average weekly salary of $960-$1,250 and can act as launchpads for more senior roles if you so desire.

Kickstart or further your career in border security and customs security with the help of these nationally accredited training courses.

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