Sydney Courses

Sydney Courses

If you’re hoping to start a new career or just want to improve your skills in your current job, consider enrolling in a course of study in Sydney. Maybe you want to get a promotion or perhaps you want to improve your chances of landing a job. Whatever your reason for study, there are plenty of options available in this area of New South Wales, from TAFE to university or a registered training organisation.

Sydney Courses by Industry

Popular Courses in Sydney

These are the most popular courses from TAFE, Registered Training Organisations and Universities in Sydney.

Government Funding

The following funding schemes are available for eligible Sydney residents.


JobTrainer is an Australian government initiative to help young Australians get the job skills they need to find employment. Up to $2 billion is being allocated (across all states and territories, including New South Wales) for (VET) vocational education and training.

Skills Checkpoint

Skills Checkpoint is a program offering career guidance and training options for older workers within New South Wales. It’s designed for people aged over 45 and it helps workers to stay in their current job role, transition to a new role at their workplace or find a whole new career path.

Smart and Skilled

Smart and Skilled allows eligible NSW students to enrol in subsidised qualifications from Certificate I through to an Advanced Diploma as well as all NSW apprenticeships and selected new entrant traineeships.