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Public Relations Consultant Courses

Public Relations Consultants are marketing professionals who provide PR advisory services to businesses, politicians, celebrities, and public figures. They help clients shape their public image through social media, press releases, networking events, public appearances, and traditional marketing channels.

As a Public Relations Consultant you could be researching the consumer behaviour of a target audience, reviewing social media metrics, attending a networking event with a client, launching a competition to bring a client in contact with their fan-base, sending a press release to a magazine, reviewing concept art for a marketing campaign, or just scheduling a coffee break into your busy day.

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Popular Public Relations Consultant Courses

There are 2 courses available for people who want to become a Public Relations Consultant.

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Online, On Campus
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Public Relations Consultants earn?

The average salary for public relations professionals in Australia is currently $1,793 per week ($93,236 annually). Independent PR Consultants with their own businesses are likely to have a much higher salary than this.

What are the job opportunities for Public Relations Consultants?

There are approximately 31,100 public relations professionals working in Australia right now. They are employed in all industries and work sectors, but usually work for PR agencies or have their own consultancy.

How do I become a Public Relations Consultant?

Public Relations consultants need a thorough knowledge of marketing, communications, and the psychology of relationships. They also understand business principles and have specialist skills and knowlege in their industry or employment sector.

A great way to launch your career in PR is with the Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) or Bachelor of Marketing. As your career progresses, consider specialist qualifications that relate to your industry (eg, political science, public health, youth justice, art history, engineering, fashion).

Source: Australian Government Labour Market Insights 2023

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