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Training Design and Development Courses Online

Gain the skills and insight needed to build the next generation of training and optimise the way the youth of Australia learn. In these courses, you'll learn how to design and develop educational content. As you enter the world of instructional design, you'll discover how to create assessment tools, apply learning strategies and utilise learning resources to deliver exceptional experiences for schools and other education organisations.

Keeping children engaged with learning can sometimes be difficult, which makes developing programs that deliver key information in an interesting manner all the more important. Here you can become familiar with the resources at your disposal that enable you to create a framework that adheres to national standards. Take what you learn in these lessons and apply them in jobs such as instructional designer, e-learning developer, learning designer and education program developer. These mid-level roles can pay an average weekly salary of $1,730 depending on location and organisation.

Help build the structures and systems that deliver nourishing educational content to students of various ages around Australia with these great courses.

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Here are some potential career pathways within training design and development. Click on the occupation for information on the course you should enrol in to start your journey.

Sourced from The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service ( funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and

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