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Commercial Cleaning Courses

Your career in commercial cleaning could be at an international hotel chain or running your own modern cleaning business. Wherever you see yourself, these courses will teach you how to best utilise the latest in high-tech cleaning techniques, chemical safety and industrial equipment. Learn how to get every surface safely sparkling through the maintenance of strict hygiene and infection controls.

This collection of learning opportunities covers the nitty gritty details as well as the bigger concepts that can help you run your own business. Learn how to best tackle cleaning a range of surfaces and spaces, including windows, wet areas such as bathroom and kitchens, and furniture of different material that can prepare you for jobs cleaning homes, large office buildings, restaurants and more. You can also take the next step in your learning with cleaning management teaching that gives you the tools to start your own cleaning business. With these skills you can apply for commercial cleaning, cleaning supervisor and executive housekeeper jobs that can pay an average weekly salary of $865-$1,250 depending on location.

Ready for some good, clean fun in your professional life? Learn more about these nationally accredited commercial cleaning options today.

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Commercial Cleaning

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There are 2 courses available for people who want a career in Commercial Cleaning. These are the most popular courses.

CPP40416 Certificate IV in Cleaning Management

Ever thought about opening your own commercial cleaning business? This course is definitely for you! The Certificate IV in Cleaning Management delivers the skills you need to run a modern cleaning business that uses the latest cleaning techniques, chemicals, and equipment. By graduation you’ll kn...

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CPP30316 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

The Certificate III in Cleaning Operations is for commercial cleaners and domestic staff wanting the latest in cleaning techniques, chemical safety, and industrial equipment. You’ll be learning the finer arts of cleaning window coverings, glass surfaces, wet areas, furniture and fittings, as well...

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