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Small business courses are designed for students at various levels who want the key skills and insights needed to set up or run a small business effectively. This wide range of qualifications offers training for every area of small business operation, from marketing and logistics to planning, finance and risk management.

Whether you have a great idea for your own small business, are joining friends or family members who are starting their company or simply want to hop on board with a new enterprise, now's your chance to get in on the ground floor of something exciting. There are plenty of great accredited courses available, giving you a chance to focus your studies in select areas of small business. Industry veterans looking to switch gears or upskill and newcomers alike can prepare for independent contractor and assistant manager junior roles as well as mid-level positions including small business manager, cafe or restaurant owner, franchisee and eBusiness owner. These positions can have average weekly salaries of $1,050-$1,440.

Join the exciting, rewarding world of small business with the help of these great online courses.

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